Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New finds and house update...

So...the opening party for Fin and Feathers went AWESOME!!!

Lots of familiar faces as well as new ones.
A big and sincere "THANKS" to
the guys at Learn to Brew,
our artists that designed the limited edition shirts
and everyone that came out.

The weekend was a busy one indeed!
My mom and I went to a fab flea
in Texas on Friday
and Tyler and my brother re-built our porch!

It was a treat to spend the day with my mom scouring for treasures.
Here's my load:
Gold port hole mirror, two dove tail wooden crates (an apricot box and a C-4 crate!)
and a great full size bed frame re-purposed into a cute little love seat.
By big bro Jeff is quite the carpenter and Tyler is gaining on him.
He and Michelle spent Saturday with us and we were able to have a nice Sunday brunch at Blu.

The guys in the middle of reconstruction...
The finished product...
We can't stain it for 6 months, but man does it feel good to walk across our porch and not fear for your life!
Lots of other changes have been going on inside over the winter months.
Finally got some "grown-up" curtains.
A nice heavy weight burlap from Pottery Barn.
Framed up the print Tyler and I found in Paris at Les Puces.
Added a few more vintage "bar hands" to our collection
as well as a retro drink mixer.
Added a pretty fiddle leaf ficus in our room.
It's home inside an antique 10 gallon crock.
Finally found the perfect spot to display the array of
beakers and chemistry glass
I scored at an estate sale back in May.

In other home news, we are about to embark on a few remodeling projects.

Hexagon floor tile, subway bath tile and a new tub and toilet for the bathroom.

Slate grey floors, new sink, island with built in oven and stove, new counter tops and energy efficient appliances that actually MATCH!
(If you didn't know, we have the world's smallest full size fridge!)

The hallway and the bedroom floors are getting refinished.

French doors and ceiling vents are getting installed in the sun room.

Cabinets and doors are being put on the book/record shelves.

And no, we are not doing any of this ourselves.
We have an awesome contractor.
It's better for our marriage that we hire him to do this. (wink!)
Picture posts soon to come!