Monday, April 18, 2011

Check us out over at Green Couch Design...

The sweet and creative husband and wife team of Green Couch Design did a lovely post about Birdie. Check out Megan and Cale and their lovely blog by clicking on the hydrangeas!
(photo credit Green Couch Design)

Come into Birdie to check out their awesome line of tea towels, mixer covers and aprons!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Springtime, you are simply THE BEST!
I've been super MIA from the blog lately due to the fact I've been having entirely too much fun playing in my yard and working on wedding flowers!

Wedding season is in full swing at Birdie, and it doesn't look like we are slowing down anytime soon. We've even booked a few 2012 dates and I'm enjoying meeting all these brides-to-be.

When I first started out doing flowers, all my brides were close friends that I already knew. Now that most of my sweet ladies are married off, the majority of Birdie brides are new faces. It's so fun meeting with these lovely ladies. I love getting a sneak peak of her gown and hearing about her vision for the perfect day. I cherish that I get to become friends with my clients.
After all, weddings and babies are the ULTIMATE girl bonding experience.

Speaking of BABIES...Tyler and I are going to be blessed with a little one in OCTOBER!

We are in our 13th week and cross-over into our 2nd trimester this weekend.
We found out while we were in NYC for market and are so thrilled and excited.

Getting through Valentine's Day and the beginning of wedding season with a constant wave of woozy was interesting, but now I'm feeling great! Tyler has been so sweet, obliging and kind. Well, that's just his personality, so I'm pretty blessed.

Also, this will be the first grand-baby for both our parents.
My momma, Cathy and I had a girls trip to Savannah, GA a few weeks ago and there was an obscene amount of baby talk.

Since this blog is part shop talk, part house updates and part our life, this will be such a fun place to share about our "little Husky". We heard his/her (we all think it's a BOY, but we shall see) a few weeks ago and it was going so fast and strong! Have to wait a little longer to find out if we are all wrong and a sweet baby girl is in there.

Happy Spring and cheers to a lovely April!