Friday, September 5, 2008

Fresh Start

Here goes nothing...or something...or everything all at once...

Just the way my brain processes. I can't seem to stick with one train of thought. There are always new ideas and projects popping in and out. This will be an avenue to get those bits and pieces out of my brain and into action. Hopefully a place to share my creativity and be inspired by others.

First event of interest for you Norman, Edmond, and Oklahoma City folk...
My friend Lindsay Zodrow has opened an awesome store in the Plaza District of OKC.
Collected Thread is located at NW16th and Blackwelder.
Her hours are 11-6 Tuesday through Saturday. Birdie (Blue Bird Vintage) is one of the local vendors.
There are vintage dresses, aprons and housewares to be found.
I am also working on some feather hair pieces as well as some hand sewn goods.

The whole idea behind Collected Thread is to support and introduce local artists in OKC. Everything in the store is either handmade or vintage and about 75% of it is local.
Come and support local talent in OKC!!!!!


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Linda said...

Katie I love your wedding pic--it looks like a beautiful vintage painting!