Friday, October 24, 2008

Saturday, October 25th happenings

Coffee Slingers at 1015 North Broadway. Fun times to be had by all. My Tyler is playing with Mr. Wilson and they have some new songs that Wes wrote. Tyler Hopkins is a great songwriter, a hilarious individual and Tyler's friend since childhood.

The folks behind the counter make some really great coffee. With temperatures dipping into the 30s, I think it is definitely time for some warm beverages to be imbibed.

The Oklahoma City Ghouls Gone Wild Parade is this Saturday night too. It starts at 11th and N. Walker and goes by the "Field of Screams". (Across from the downtown YMCA) We didn't get to go last year. Really pumped about seeing this guy.

Hooray for Halloween, cooler weather, good music, great friends and a wonderful Saturday night!

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Christi said...

Oh I wish I would have gone to coffee Slingers yesterday!I did get the book from my friend just this week and I got a sewing machine last night! whahooo! I too will be trying out a few for Christmas as well. I was thinking of starting with the place mats and napkins...shouldn't be too hard to mess up right? I am a novice sewer so I gotta take it a bit slow. I can't wait to make the bag and robe though! Can't wait to see what you make!