Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sunroom / Office Before and After

Since Tyler and I have been married, I've noticed my tendencies toward pastels may not be the most conducive for our home. I have realized that my chance to decorate with pink probably won't come around again until we have a little girl. ( Not for a while mom :) )

Here are some pics of our sunroom. We use it for our office and it's a great place to sit and drink tea and read a book.

The pink, vintage hospital bedside table was moved to our guest bedroom.

I made new curtains with an Amy Butler print to give us a little more privacy since the sun room sits on the corner. My bird nest fern is thriving in its sunny conditions.

I covered a cork board with some vintage fabric I found at the Cleveland county flea and I installed the shelf myself. The power drill and I are becoming great friends. For organizing stationery and tucking away computer cords, I bought some boxes from Martha Stewart's line at Michael's.
I re-upholstered the chair with a dark grey linen and painted the desk a mustard yellow. Brown damask full length curtains make make it easy to block out the evening sun.

The gray filing cabinet adds a little "gender neutrality". I like the end result. It's still pretty feminine but I think Tyler likes it too.

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