Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thankful for today and looking forward....

Different situations and relationships of late have got me thinking. I'm very humbled by the goodness of dear ones in my life.

I at times get lost in the rush of day to day "stuff" and bogged down by the trivial and just plain stupid. I'm am happy for the life that has been given to me and refuse to become complacent. It is a small, but good life full of simple bits of joy!

I give thanks for:

Tyler & his unique ways of being himself.

The ability to spend time & work with my family every week. For Momma's spunk, Dad's wisdom and Jeff's get it done attitude. I'm proud to be a part of a business that grows beautiful things. For my "new" family that welcomed me as a part of their own. It's so much fun to have so many aunts, uncles, cousins and new grand parents. They are a rambunctious and fun loving group.

Friendships. I cherish the fact I have wonderful friends from childhood and growing up and that our friendships have grown up with us! Thanks for new friendships! Monthly book club meetings have been so refreshing. It's of course great to read something new and learn perspectives but it's the bits of our own stories we share that I love. Friends far away. Happy that I get to hear bits and pieces of the lives they are making for themselves.
I realize that grace and understanding is what makes friendship so great.

Freedom. To create and think. A bit of a recluse by nature, I'm happy to stay at home a couple of days a week and work out of our back bedroom. I'm so thankful for the encouragement provided by family and friends to pursue my own business. Happy to have this as an outlet for my sometimes inarticulate brain waves.

Now on to less philosophical musings:
After the reorganization of my sewing room:
with a little help from these two:
I now feel ready and inspired to get with it.
I made some more belts:
and a few new cloth scarfs:
I'm thinking about spring time and printed cotton shifts. Playing with a couple of ideas for flower puff elastic head bands. Take care and have a wonderful day!

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