Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Things are moving right along with the store.

Here's what is looked like before...

We are switching out the cream fabric shades for some cool metal industrial lights, going grey on the walls and white and charcoal with blond wood on the fixtures.

We've applied the first coat of pretty grey paint.

The selection of wallpaper and lighting for the dressing rooms is in the works. I'm partial to the silver one in the middle with lucite cubes over the lights for the dressing areas...
Might go with on of these metal guys to complement the other lighting.
Maybe top right?
We've made a goal of October 20th for the first day of being open.
The Grand Opening Party will be Friday, October 30th.

Just got a great shipment of organic Japanese denim and some darling dresses from an independent designer in Northern CA. More products are coming in everyday and I want to take one of everything home with me!

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::dana:: said...

oh yay! is this exciting or what?!?!?! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!