Thursday, January 21, 2010

Merry Babies and Dining Out for Haiti...

Miss Emily and her sweet and creative children
have put together some wonderful cards in effort to
raise money for Compassion International.
100% of their sales will go back to
the Merry Babies so they can donate to relief efforts in Haiti.

The cards come packed as 6 with 2 of each image for $8.00.

A sweet way to tell your friends Happy Valentines!

The Merry Babies signed the back of the tags!

What a neat family!
Emily's blog is such a wonderful read.
Loads of photos, projects and love!
One of my favorite parts are the posts she labels as
"What else you do when your mother says "No TV!""

Another way to help out...
If you plan on dining out
this Sunday, Monday and/or Tuesday
check out the following restaurants in and around OKC.
They will be donating 10% of their sales of the
evening to relief in Haiti.

For more information you can visit
this News9 article and click to see a
full list of participating restaurants.

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