Thursday, February 4, 2010

A lovely day off...

I'm very excited to have the day off today! (Birdie's is still OPEN today. The lovely, Sarah, is holding down the fort.)

With all the excitement and busyness of opening the store and getting life into it, I have realized most of my hobbies have turned into my work. A lovely thing to happen, but I have come to the conclusion I probably need a few new hobbies. I have started pilates again and made plans to finally paint and decorate our little guest bedroom (navy blue, gray, brown and a sweet pale pink) as well as the sun room.

I'm also resuming my days of JUNKING! Has anyone seen the new show American Pickers? Oh man, it's awesome! I'm heading out to Duncan by way of Chicasha, Marlow and any other little town on the way in search of some treasures. Hoping to find: a secretary desk with glass cabinets on top, a few funky light fixtures and an old chair that just needs a trip to Ron's in McAlester for a new outfit. The little love seat Oliver and Toby are perched on was resurrected by Ron as well as our funky ottoman.

Tyler, however has been hard at work on his music room. With Brady's help, they painted all the walls this fun mustard color, painted and built shelves and hangers and made it look pretty darn cool. Jimmy, Tyler's dad, found this old, warped map prior to a demo job. He likes to tease me/break my heart about all the old mirrors, sinks and claw foot tubs they smashed up before the buildings came down. He's also a big fan of American Pickers. I personally think Jimmy and I should go into business, get a big truck and a metal building.

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