Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Remodel...Week 2...

So we started out week 2 of the remodel with a hail storm...
We were actually at a movie with some friends and were completely oblivious to the storm that came through.
Fortunately the positioning of our house helped out a lot and we didn't have a ton of damage. My tomato plants are a little sad and we have a some minor paint damage on the eves of the house, but we are mostly put back together.

My friend Amy finished up painting the furniture for the nursery.
My grandmothers dressing table and dresser and my crib received a few fresh coats of clean, bright white.

They finished grouting and re-installing trim in that bathroom.
It's officially finished!!!!
I've taken 3 bubble baths in the last week.

We are adding shelves and cabinet doors to the record shelves Tyler and my brother built a while back.

Our awesome contractor made these beautiful French doors.
They are being painted as I type!


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Jessica Marie said...

LOVE IT! Can't wait to see it all complete! You know what else I need a progress update on? Your belly!