Friday, July 1, 2011

Remodel....Week Three

We've taken a brief pause in the remodel before they start tearing our kitchen apart.
Demolition will commence after July 4th.
But, we have made progress.
The French doors and cabinet doors got a nice coat of paint and our love seat got fitted with a cute grey slipcover.

The book chair also has a the same grey fabric for it's slipcover and the ottoman was dressed up in some stripes from Ikea's fabric department.

The top of the record/book shelves now are home to locker baskets of 45's and books and a sampling of our ever growing quilt collection.
We also picked up a few fun pillow covers by Leah Duncan on Etsy.

Brought home the giant antique scale from Birdie and found a new home for it on our bar.

The office/craft/guest room is coming along nicely.
Love having all my crafting supplies in these military bookshelves.
Lots of projects brewing in my brain.

Still need to find an ottoman to go with the chair and sew up pillow covers for the bolsters on the daybed.
The bed is actually a vintage iron full with 2 foot boards.

We are super pleased with how everything is looking.
August...Baby Girls room.


Lindsay said...

Just gorgeous!

Kristen said...

I love your shop! Sadly I no longer live in Norman so I'm unable to frequent it like I used to. It's absolutely adorable. Keep up the good work!

Sew Donna said...

looks beautiful, so comfortable.