Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Help...It's something that in the past, I haven't been good at asking for.

I have it all under control.
I can handle it.
I am superwoman.

I am an idiot for ever thinking this way.

I need help.
Help raising my child.
Help running my business.
Help keeping my heart and mind focused on whats truly important.

Child rearing...
I'm so thankful to have help.
I am blessed with a wonderful husband, who takes good care of me and Beazer.
Fortunate to have amazing family that let Tyler and I have date nights.
We thank God everyday for the amazing woman that takes care of Bea while I'm at work.
Sara Miller, you rock!

Shop Keeping...
I don't know what I would do without our amazing staff at the shop.
At first, it was scary to hire employees, now I have no idea how we operated without them.
Hailey, Hunter and Wills, thank you for taking care of our customers and being truly interested in and inspired by plants and flowers. All three of you have wonderful natural ability. Thank you for taking care of my other "baby" while I'm hanging out with my real baby!

Grateful for times of reflection and evaluation and learning about what really matters...
Moments with my family. Bea's laughter and her sparkling eyes. Tyler's delight in sharing music with us. Walks in the evening with my best friend and first born. Face time with my mom and dad. Little things that are SO big.

Friendship and sisterhood. Feeling so close and connected to my dear friends. Whether it's encouraging each other in the challenges of motherhood or talking about dreams of what's to come, I have never felt so lucky to have the friends I have.

Finding fulfillment in my days work. I am very lucky to own my own business, work for myself and be in a creative field. As we move into the busy season of weddings, I hope to be conscious and mindful of these blessings and be a good leader. I'd like to give each bride the flowers they have dreamed about and provide a positive work environment.

Sometimes I don't have it all under control.
Sometimes I can't handle it.
Most of the time I am NOT super woman.

That's okay. Tomorrow is a new day. I can ask for help.

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Jessica and Patrick said...

Gratitude is a contagious thing-thanks for sharing. <3