Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Circle Game...

 When my best friends Courtney and Rob got married, 
Court's dad gave a toast and referenced Joni Mitchell's, The Circle Game.
After that night, Joni and I have become good friends and now as a mother, that particular song has even greater resonance within me.  
I still can't listen to it without crying, but then again, 
there are many songs that have that affect on me.

The idea of seasons turning to years and the ever revolving circle of life.
So much has happened over the last year since Beatrice Ann came into the world.
How can she be turning 1 on the 12th of October?
My hopes for this girl are for her to live a happy, joyful and beautiful life.
For her to be compassionate, loving and accepting.
To be positive and gracious.
To be true to herself.
To celebrate each season.
I love you baby girl.
Drink in everyday.