Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brand Spankin' New Skirts for Sale

Time to shave those legs!

Just finished some new cute skirts. Comfy cotton with wide elastic at the waist. Easy to pull on with a tee shirt and sandals and scoot!

They are available at Collected Thread for $38.00. I will have them available on Etsy by next Friday along with other fun stuff.


We love Millie said...

Katie I found your blog and love looking at all your fun things you make! I love your creative mind. It was fun to see you yesterday!!! I am expecting this Septemeber, could you make me a prego skirt?? Love them:-)
Allison Ray

We love Millie said...

I love the pink one!!! I hope you can make it work. I usually wear a small in things but if it has elasic I know I can make it work. They are super cute:-)

Raike said...

Nice selection of those skirts!! Long and short both style of skirts are my favorite!