Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Booth at Deluxe

So, I made it through my first "craft fair".

Participating in Deluxe Craft Bazaar was a definitely a success! It was a great day and so much fun to see friends and meet new people!

Check out my sweet, new sign! A big THANK YOU to Seth "Sethy" McCarroll and Tim Elliot for helping me with the new branding of Birdie. I love how everything turned out. Bettye the bird couldn't be cuter!

A great show for sure!

Looking forward to Dust Bowl Arts Market in August! Reese Truesdell, Dana Fisher and I are organizing an event showcasing the work of local artist, potters, dress makers, jewelers, etc in Norman, OK on campus corner this August! More information coming very, very soon!



The Hostess with the Mostess said...

Your booth was definitley the cutest one at the fair! Your dresses, headbands, belts are gorgeous! You are super creative!

skemiloo said...

it was great to meet you and see your adorable work after hearing so many raves from erica. i am totally wearing my headband everyday, so i'll probably need another or 3 or 4 soon...