Sunday, June 7, 2009

Courtney's Baby Shower

Baby Green is almost here so we had to celebrate!

Green and yellow Martha Stewart fancy paper flowers from Michael's. (These were left over from our wedding but you can make your own here.)

We used green, yellow and blue scrap book paper and a craft punch to make the cupcake toppers. All you need is paper, a punch, hot glue and some toothpicks. Gina's cupcakes were delicious!

Momma-to-be looking oh so pretty in purple. We all agree she's a jewel tone girl.

Some interesting reactions to the name the baby food game. Vegetable medley and chicken were disgusting and to spare Courtney's baby those taste bud experiences, the hostesses found her a food processor. She and Rob and can steam and puree their little ones food.

Courtney gave each of the hostess one of these beautiful soaps. Isn't the packaging so pretty?
Oh how I wish I had her handwriting.

The cute little momma-to-be and her hostesses.

Since we met my freshman year, Court has been such a dear friend to me. I have treasured being witness to her falling in love with Rob, being her maid of honor and the way their relationship continues to grow. The Green's are a wonderful example of love and they will surely be blessed by the beautiful baby that soon will be born! We can't wait to meet the little green bean!

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Anonymous said...

What a cute shower. I have officially fallen in love with your front porch!