Friday, May 21, 2010

The Office

The office, the sun room, the Katie can't make up her freakin mind room!

Just like me in junior high, the home office has been through many looks. I finally have a vision of what I want it to be and the purposes it should fulfill. Perfect spot to drink some tea and read in the AM, functional space to keep track of bills and other grown-up stuff and a place that inspires and fosters creativity. It's finally on the right track!

Here are a few of the detours we've made...

What it looked like when we first moved in and I was still going through my "shabby chic" phase:

All of the furniture in this shot is still in our home or shop. It's probably been painted a few time since this photo. Tyler had not moved into the house yet and I was still in LOVE with pastels. You have to make do with the furniture you have, right? The pink side table is still pink and resides in our kitchen as part of the island.
Here's how it looked after I tried by hand at gender neutral decorating:
Still not very gender neutral and too cramped...
Here's what it looked like when it was my sewing room before Birdie was a brick and mortar:
Here's what it's looking like now:
Much more sophisticated but still whimsical and eclectic.
Three things stayed constants throughout the multiple re-vampings:
  1. Wall color: Super cheerful and soothing at the same time
  2. Damask chocolate and cream Waverly curtains from Tuesday Morning
  3. Vintage gold chandelier with pink light bulbs purchase my Jr. year
Love seat: Antique store score for $125 Mod Green Pod Organic Upholstery in Natural from Birdie
Pillow on the left: Old English "H" from Heidi Devlin
Pillow on the right: Target
Coffee table: Another Granddad Horace WWII footlocker (I want to add casters to the bottom)
Bertoia diamond chair: The match to the one in the living room
Pink quilt: Wedding gift from our sweet friends M'lea and Steven. They added our wedding date to the interior of the quilt.
Pink Lamp: Antique store find
Lamp Shade: Target
Rug: Ann Mann find
Wall prints: Vintage French prints from my Gramma Mann
Cat art: Vintage cat needlepoint from an antique store

I'm still working on my desk area. Found a really neat and functional china cabinet top that is perched on an antique black table. It just needs a few shelves added, some plants for its' hat and a comfy chair.

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Natalyia said...

WOW, Katie! Your projects are so amazing and inspiring! :) I'm so glad we get to see these! Gracie's over a year old now and her baby room is still a work in progress. But seeing your work has gotten me excited to get going on it! My mom also just gave me her sewing machine so now reason not to right? We may in OKC for the 4th so I'll definitely have to stop in and see your store! Glad to see you're doing so well!