Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our House FINALLY Got a New Paint Job!

Tyler and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary last week!
It's amazing how quickly time flies.
It's crazy that we've been home owners for awhile and it's even more crazy that we waited this long to paint the house!
Boy are we happy with the way it turned out.
We still need to re-do the porch with new wood and paint the steps white.
Maybe when it cools down a bit.



Aura said...

Oh my gosh Katie I drive by your house every single day on my way to work and always think "that is the cutest house ever." You have the prettiest landscaping! And that's funny because a couple weeks ago driving by, I saw it being painted and was wondering what color it would be. I love it, good choice!

vintage girl at heart said...

So lovely!!!

Robin Thomas said...

Of course it looks great, you have that touch. I love the contrast of the window frames against that perfect grey. Happy anniversary!