Friday, July 9, 2010


It was an awesome vacation! First time for Tyler to be up in these parts and the first time we've all traveled together. We had a fantastic time, ate amazing food, played games, saw beautiful sites, spotted bears, a wolf, elk, buffalo, prong horn, a bald eagle, marmots and pika and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Here are a few of our photos from our fun adventure.

So we started out in Jackson Hole.
Jeff and Michelle picked us up from the airport and we tooted around the town our first evening.
Tyler made some new friends...
The boys getting us loaded up in the RV...
We all piled into Jeff and Michelle's truck when we weren't going too far. Five in the front and one in the back...
Nice little boat ride across Jenny Lake and a hike up to Inspiration Point.
Passed a gorgeous water fall on our way up.
Dad thought I needed a picture by the "Bug" license plate
Morning coffee with Michelle
Tyler preparing for the fishing expedition.
Mom and I found a sunny spot, sat in our crazy creek chairs and read our books.
Michelle totally slayed the boys at the Fire Hole River.
Family pic at the Lower Falls
Lower Falls from Artist Point
Tyler in front of Old Faithful Inn
Check out the tight taxi...Dad's future job?
Old Faithful Geyser
Tyler thought this was important...
Mammoth Hot Springs...Dried up for the most part in the 1920's
Dad and Tyler
At the William F Cody Museum with Buffalo Bill
Tyler freaking out at the gun museum
James Bama Painting...He was our favorite
After we escaped the killer mosquito's
Wildlife spotting on our hike
Wildlife spotting in the RV. Dad likes.
We watched a bear here. Good place to be a bear I'd say.
Jeff "Bug" spotting, "Bug" searching for Moose

The Tetons
Family. You guys are awesome!


Lindsay said...

Looks like an amazing trip! Love the pics, especially the one of Tyler at the gun museum. Priceless.

Robin Thomas said...

You are so cute. Glad you have had this time for fun.

Aura said...

That looked like a wonderful time :)
It's so important to take trips like this with our families as we all get older. I have so many childhood vacation memories from when I was little, and I've really been missing the quality time with my family.

PS, I love that you proudly sport all your Birdie outfits when you're out of state :)