Sunday, June 12, 2011

Remodel...Week 1

Last week they started on the bathroom...
When I left for work in the morning, it looked like this...

When I came home at 6 o'clock, it looked like this...

I think we found an awesome contractor....

This photo pretty much sums up the way Toby feels about our remodeling projects...
He hides for a good part of the morning.
Oliver, on the other hand, is constantly checking on the guys and asking for a pat or two.

This is what the nursery looks like right now...

Why yes, there is a toilet in our baby girls room.
And tiling supplies, new bar stools for the kitchen, bedding for the guestroom, light fixtures, grout, a faucet, etc...

I've tried to contain all the sweet things we've been given and have collected in anticipation of her arrival in one little area.
We obviously won't be painting her room until the
remodel is complete and the floors are re-finished.
I'm just glad all her furniture is out right now being painted.
Not really sure where it's going to go when we pick it up.

I'm pretty confident everything will be complete before she gets here.
This is what our shower looked like on Wednesday.
They started on Monday and this is what it looked like by Wednesday!

Our old tub, (that weighed 500 pounds!!!) was 5 and 1/2 feet long.
They no longer make tubs that length,
so we opted for the 5 foot tub and Tony built a little ledge to fill the gap.
Shaving my legs just got a lot easier.
They also put in a rounded shower curtain rod.
Even though we have less tub space,
it feels so much bigger now that the curtain goes out farther.
Also, they raised the shower head a considerable amount.
Tyler is very happy about this considering he's 6 ft 2in.

They install the tile floor and toilet this week, new paint for the bathroom and
hang our French doors for
the sun room/office/craft room/guest bedroom.


Aura said...

I was so worried about getting Elodie's room finished before she was here. She has yet to sleep one night in her room, and she's 2.5 months old :) It's still not completely done, and I am fine with that.

We have the same shower curtain!
And also, I bought E a cute little dress a few months ago and got a duplicate as a shower gift, so I have two. I am going to bring one by Birdie for you, soon. I keep meaning to come by, but since I've been back at work every time I get off I just race away from campus to go see Elodie and I haven't had the chance.

katie said...

Miss Aura,
I hope your transition back to work has been as smooth as possible. I think it's so neat that your family is able to help care for her while you are working.
Maybe if one of our days off coincide, we could go walking in the AM when it works for you and miss Elodie. I can't believe how much hair she has! I'm pretty sure ours will be bald until she's 2 like I was. :)
See you soon!

Jessica Marie said...

looking good! love the (wall) tile!!!