Monday, August 3, 2009

Dustbowl Line Up...

Man this is going to be great!
Nathan Price
Lana Williams
One Up Designs
Samantha Lamb Photography
Dowdy Studios
DNA Galleries
Collected Thread
Bombs Away
Etudaiye Pottery Studio
Imagine This
Courtney Shepherd Photography
Cloud Cover Creations
Rainbow Swirlz
Wannabes Photography
Rose Knits
Angela Chase
Margaret Kinkeade
Pamela Michelle
Cut Out and Collect
{Tweet} Baby Designs
Novelties in Wood
Wayward Textile Foundation
Nicolas Poynter
Feather by Feather
Rick Fry
Wandering Wear
Delaney La Fae Studios
Fish Chick Designs
Accessories by Kelly
Ju Ju
Feather Revolution
Sew Chic
String Potential
The Little Trunk
Three Yellow Starfish
Jem Jam
Artfull Expression
Cricket Shack
Funky Bella
Dewey and West
Red Dirt
Kiki's Kuffs
Beverly Herndon
Mahala Designs
StarWood Art
Garrett Shockey
John Kennington Photograph
The Pink Acorn
Tree and Leaf

1 comment:

Julia said...

I am SO excited! I'll be there with headbands in hand!