Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Slow July but August is going to be crazy!

My postings for July were few and far between.
The run down...
Celebrated the 4th with some my favorite people:

Consumed lots of great food:

Celebrated the birth of Miss Cora Mae Green! Oh she is a beauty! Congrats to Courtney and Rob!

Got to see Wanda Jackson at Andrews park for my birthday

Celebrated birthdays with Tyler's family. Wish I had pictures. There were a lot of summer birthdays to be celebrated!

Wes and Anna came for a short visit. They got us to try some really disgusting Ginger Ale. It set me nose on fire! Happy we get to see them again soon!

August is shaping up to be a doozy so plenty of posts in the future.
This weekend I have the honor of doing the flowers for the wedding of my sweet friend Emily Byrd. She'll be such a beautiful bride! Sunday Tyler and I are making a road trip to the beautiful town of Chicago to see some friends. A few days down the road Paul McCartney is heading to Tulsa and so are we! Our cousin Casie is getting hitched to the super cool Jared. More flower posts to come from that. To round-up the end of August, the first ever Dustbowl Arts Market. Woo wee!

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::dana:: said...

you might just be the busiest birdie i know :)